Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Jackson Do Pandeiro - Chu Chu Beleza from Tem Mulher, Tô Lá - CBS (1973)

Early 1970s CBS era forró LPs are arguably the pinnacle. The production, recording and mixes were almost always exceptional. If you had great material, and Jackson Do Pandeiro always did, it was the right place at the right time. Unlike many acts on CBS, Jackson chose to bring in his own band vs. the house session musicians provided by Abdias. Tem Mulher, Tô Lá was his last LP for CBS. While his 2nd and 3rd LPs on CBS did not quite reach the peak of O Dono Do Forró, there is plenty of gold on Tem Mulher, Tô Lá. In fact, Jackson sounds so vital, it is hard to believe that he would only live another 8 years.

Jackson Do Pandeiro - Tem Mulher, Tô Lá - CBS (1973)

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