Sunday, February 10, 2019

Marcos Rozilla - Trem Da Saudade from O Fino Do Paul Do Sebo - Chantecler (1982)

Marcos Rozilla is a name that is new to me. Rozilla's appearance on O Fino Do Pau Do Sebo from 1982 is the only recording that I could find from him, but Trem Da Saudade is a real grinder. If you are out there, Marcos, it is time for a new record!

Saturday, February 2, 2019

Jacinto Silva - Côco Trocado from Nordeste Cabra Da Peste - Mocambo (1968) reissue of 78rpm (1963)

Released in 1963, this is the second 78rpm that Jacinto Silva recorded. Jacinto Silva 78rpm shellac doesn't seem to show up anywhere, even in Brazil. Côco Trocado would likely be lost to time if it wasn't reissued on a scarce compilation LP from Mocambo in 1968 called Nordeste Cabra Da Peste. 

Nordeste Cabra Da Peste - Mocambo (1968)

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Jacinto Silva - Na Base Do Tamanco (côco) - Mocambo (1964) - Passarela (1973)

Na Base Do Tamanco (côco) sounds like what Jacinto Silva is best known for. This song came out on a Mocambo 78rpm in 1964, which is absolutely amazing. I would not be surprised if this is one of the last 78s to ever be released in any region. It is also interesting that this is the amazing, futuristic, forward-sounding forró that Jacinto Silva would become famous for. If this is the last 78rpm ever, the format went out with a bang. By 1965, Silva was began recording his incredible solo trilogy of LPs for CBS. 

The original 78rpm records are agonizingly rare. Fortunately, this tune was reissued on a compilation on the Rozenblit Passarela label in 1973 along with other scarce sides from the early 60s by other northeasterners.

Na Base Do Tomanco O Bom É Êsse - Rozenblit Passrela - 1973

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Walter Damasceno - Po De Mico from Bossa ai é mato - Odeon (1959)

I am aware of two big Odeon artists that released great 78rpm records in the 1950s and were lucky enough to get vinyl reissues in the 1960s, Saci and Walter Damasceno. Damasceno's LP, for some reason, seems to have been pressed in larger quantities and is much easier to find. Although Saci is revered by collectors, song-for-song, I would say that Damasceno has a far stronger catalog. Po De Mico, like songs by Ary Lobo and Saci, sounds like modern forró. There is not a trace of tame, middle class vocal group stylings or more reserved baião that dominated the 1940s and early 1950s. This is all-out, balls to the wall forró.

Damasceno's final 78rpm record was on CBS. This is his scarcest record because it was never reissued on vinyl. It will feature here in the coming years.

Walter Damasceno - Po De Mico from bossa ai é mato - Odeon (1959)

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Trio Nortista - Ding-Ding from Se Eu Te Contar, É Chato - Musicolor (1979)

Trio Nortista created a number of excellent LPs for numerous labels beginning in the 1960s on Mocambo. This is my favorite version of the group featuring singer Jonas de Andrade. 

Trio Nortista - Se Eu Te Contar, É Chato - Musicolor (1979)

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Sebastião Silva - Congá Do Bomfim from As 12 Mais Do Nordeste - Maraca (1960s)

Maraca was the great independent forró compacto (single) label of the 1960s. As far as I am aware, they never released 78rpm records and only pressed three LPS, As Mais Do Nordeste (a collection of previously issued singles), a gaucho LP by Cachoeira E Cachoeirinha and a Marinalva album. It seems that the Marinalva LP never made it past the test pressing stage. Final LPs with Maraca labels exist, but none with a Maraca sleeve. As 12 Mais Do Nordeste was issued twice, once with an earlier label and later with an updated one. Sebastião Silva's Congá Do Bomfim may be one of the great compacto classics from Maraca. Luckily, it was issued as both a single and re-released on this LP. Like all Maraca compactos, the original is quite scarce.

As 12 Mais Do Nordeste - Maraca (1960s)

As 12 Mais Do Nordeste - Maraca (1960s)

Monday, December 10, 2018

Jota Fonseca - Côco Da Roseira (1962) from Sucessos Dos Maiores Cantores Nordestinos - Premier (1973)

Côco Da Roseira is another epic 78rpm saved from extinction by one of a handful of compilations from the 1960s and early 1970s. Jota Fonseca was amazing and straddled the line between the end of the 78rpm and final acceptance of vinyl as primary format for music. 1962 is fairly late for a new 78rpm release in any territory. 

Sucessos Dos Maiores Cantores Nordestinos - Premier (1973)