Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Bando Da Lua - Nega Do Cabelo Duro (1949) from Nos EUA - MCA (1975)

Although maracatu rhythms cross over into forró, generally it is much more common in samba. I am bending the rules this week. Banda Da Lua were Carmen Miranda's backing group. One of her stipulations when traveling to work in the United States was to keep her Brazilian backing band. This was a good call, because it would have been impossible for most North American musicians to match the grooves and close harmonies provided by Bando Da Lua.

Along with backing Miranda on her records, Bando Da Lua put out singles in Brazil and in the United States. The group remained active in the United States until Carmen Miranda's death in 1955. Aloysio De Oliveira was involved in the formation of the famous bossa nova label Elenco. José Oliveira was the voice of the Disney character Zé (short for José) Carioca. This character had a few roles in Disney cartoons, but was even more popular as a comic book character in Brazil and South America. 

Nega Do Cabelo Duro is a relatively famous song in Brazil, but Bando Da Lua's version is less well known. It was covered by Astrid Gilberto, Elis Regina and multiple other acts. I am not certain which act recorded it first.

Bando Da Lua - Nos EUA - MCA (1975)

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