Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Moura Junior / Jr. - Pau De Arara & Oricuri (Segrêdo Do Sertanejo) - Copacabana compacto (1963 or 1964)

This was a nice surprise. I did not realize that Moura Junior recorded for labels other than Philips. This compacto is intriguing. Oricuri (Segrêdo do Sertanejo) was co-written by João do Vale. Pau De Arara was written by Vinicius De Morais and Carlos Lyra. People familiar with Bossa Nova will know the names well. Although forró artists recorded João do Vale songs (Marinês particularly), I have never heard De Morais and Lyra songs recorded by anyone in the forró scene before.  

The songs on this release may be described as nightclub samba with a bit of Bossa Nova. The sound of Oricuri (Segrêdo do Sertanejo) also harkens back to late 50s albums by Gilvan Chaves and Volta Seca, who mixed storytelling with music. Like Moura Jr., Jackson Do Pandeiro (E Vamos Nós -1964 & Coisas Nossas - 1965) and Ary Lobo (Quem é o Campeão - 1966) also flirted with supper club poshness during this period. This coincided with the time of the military coup from March of 1964. I am uncertain if the musical choices made by these artists was directly influenced by the political problems in Brazil or if Lobo, Jackson and Moura Jr. were trying to diversify their repertoire to appeal to a wider audience. 

My record is a little crispier than usual, but like all compactos, this one only turns up once in a blue moon and is worth the extra effort for preservation and sharing. Thank you Samuel for the image of the rare picture sleeve.

Moura Junior / Jr. - Oricuri (Segrêdo Do Sertanejo) - Copacabana compacto (1963 or 1964)

Moura Junior / Jr. - Pau De Arara - Copacabana compacto (1963 or 1964)

Moura Junior - Oricuri (Segrêdo Do Sertanejo) rare Copacabana picture sleeve - image by Samuel Rodrigues Nascimento
Moura Junior (Jr.) - Oricuri (Segrêdo Do Sertanejo) - Copacabana Compacto 
Moura Junior (Jr.) - Pau De Arara - Copacabana Compacto

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