Thursday, June 16, 2016

Marinês E Sua Gente - Quatro Fia Fême (baião) & Sanharô (tambô) from compacto duplo & Coisas Do Norte - RCA (1963)

Thanks to the endorsement and support of Luiz Gonzaga, Marinês had a long and fruitful career. Her records are still very collectible today. Although she wasn't the first woman to step into the baião / forró genre, she may be the best known and loved. These tracks are from a compacto on RCA from 1963. Both of these tracks appeared on her LP Coisas Do Norte, but the artwork on the LP and single are completely different. 

Marinês E Sua Gente - Quatro Fia Fême (baião) from compacto duplo - RCA (1963)

Marinês E Sua Gente - Sanharô (tambô) from compacto duplo - RCA (1963)

This particular compacto duplo (meaning double compact or EP) was released in 1963. Marinês, looking as striking as ever, is in the center. The fellow playing accordion is Abdias, who later when on to head up CBS A&R for forró and took Marinês with him. The 4 songs originated on the Marinês E Sua Gente LP, Coisas Do NorteThis particular RCA Victor compacto duplo (a double compact single commonly called an EP in the US and UK) contained no exclusive material, but the sported a nifty, unique picture sleeve.

Marinês E Sua Gente - compacto duplo - RCA (1960s)

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