Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Jackson Do Pandeiro - Cumpadre João from Forró Do Jackson - Copacabana Som (1956)

Forró do Jackson*, the second album from Jackson do Pandeiro, collects some of Jackson's classic early 78rpms onto a handy, eight song 10" album. The 10" was later reissued as a 12" LP, with No Quebradinho (1958) removed and four different songs added from the 1950s. While Côco do Norte (1955) may be the best known song from the album, I chose a lesser know track called Cumpadre João, originally issued on 78rpm in 1958 as the b-side of Meu Enxoval. Both of these songs were available on the reissue but NOT the original 10", along with Forró Em Limoeiro (1953) and Cajueiro (1958). Confusing! 

Since all of these songs were relatively short, I am uncertain why songs were swapped and removed. Copacabana Som could have easily included more material. Thanks to several reissues, Forró Do Jackson, is one of the most common Jackson Do Pandeiro albums, although the 10", pressed in the 1950s only, is scarce.

*Note: Forró do Jackson and the 1971 CBS LP, O Donó Do Forró are entirely different LPs with material recorded at very different periods of Jackson do Pandeiro's career.

Jackson Do Pandeiro - Forró Do Jackson - Copacabana Som (1958)

Monday, September 10, 2018

Manoelito Sena - Presente A Iemanjá from O Norte Em Festa - TC (1962)

The Manoelito Sena LP featured below is a rather battered reissue of the 1962 original. As I have mentioned before, reissues of full albums are rare in the forró world, with some notable exceptions. This album is decent. Sena's voice is similar to Sebastião do Rojão's. Manoelito Sena recorded a fair number of LPs.

Manoelito Sena - O Norte Em Festa - TC (1962)

Saturday, September 1, 2018

Carlos Galindo - Casa Amarela (baião) from Todamerica 78rpm (1955)

There are lots of winners from the second major wave of forró recordings in the mid-1950s: Ary Lobo, Jackson Do Pandeiro, Walter Damasceno, Gilvan Chaves, Guerra Peixe, Volta Sêca, Jair Alves, Zito Borborema, Marinés and Luiz Vieira. All of these folks began on 78rpm and transitioned to vinyl. Carlos Galindo was not so lucky. He had a considerable number of releases on 78rpm, but nothing on vinyl. Sadly, this means that Galindo's catalog is in serious danger of not being preserved. It is possible that he is the great lost artist of baião. His records are every bit as good, if not better, than many of the artists listed above. The proof is in the pudding! Casa Amarela is a beautifully produced classic. 

Carlos Galindo - Casa Amarela (baião) from Todamerica 78rpm (1955)

Monday, August 20, 2018

Os 3 Do Nordeste - Forró De Tamanco from Os 3 Do Nordeste - CBS (1973)

Os 3 Do Nordeste is one of the great forró acts of the 1970s. Formed by members of Trio Luar Do Sertão, Os 3 Do Nordeste were brought to the attention of CBS division head Abdias by Jackson Do Pandeiro. Although their LPs are somewhat patchy, their albums usually contained 2 or 3 classics each. In some respects, Os 3 Do Nordeste were like a classic singles act in a genre that focused mainly on LPs. Only a few other stars on CBS at the time including Jackson Do Pandeiro and Jacinto Silva, were able to match or surpass them. Forró De Tamanco was written by one of the great composers of 1960s and 1970s forró, Antonio Barros

Os 3 Do Nordeste  - CBS (1973)

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Cabo Tenório - Nasci Para Cantar from Ranchinho Da Alegria - Poema (late 1960s)

Ranchinho Da Alegria is an uncommon LP on a small label called Poema. The incredible Nasci Para Cantar by Cabo Tenôrio is the jewel of the album. Odete Amaral's name name is featured prominently and somewhat confusingly on the cover. Although he seemingly receives top billing, this is various artists compilation. While he is featured on the LP, Amaral did not compose Nasci Para Cantar or tracks for other artists. 

Cabo Tenório from Ranchinho Da Alegria - Poema (late 1960s)

Saturday, August 4, 2018

Coronel Ludru - Sanfoneiro Do Bom from Coronel Ludru - Musicolor (1975)

Coronel Ludru is a forró artist that I basically counted out entirely. He is primarily known for nasally comedy records from the late 1960s and early 1970s. The badly dated material is reminiscent of Genival Lacerda's (thankfully) sparse comedy output from the late 1960s and early 1970s. That said, Sanfoneiro Do Bom is a nice little nugget hiding on his 1975 self-titled LP. Outside of this tune, it is worth the search for Coronel Ludru to take a gander at his ludicrous and often excellent album covers, but don't expect to find many classic forró songs. 

Coronel Ludru - Coronel Ludru - Musicolor (1975)

Friday, July 20, 2018

Ataulfo Alves - Pai Joaquim d'Angola from Suas Pastoras e Seus Sucessos - Sinter (1958)

Lots of great records came out of Brazil in the 1950s and 1960s. Unusually, Suas Pastoras e Seus Sucesso, in various forms, got descent distribution outside of Brazil along with other albums from Alves. He was a major influence on Jackson do Pandeiro. There were echoes of Ataulfo Alves' 60s album sounds on O Dono Do Forró, which I will feature here in the coming year. Today, shake a tail to Pai Joaquim d'Angola. Oh Baby....

Ataulfo Alves - Suas Pastoras e Seus Sucessos - Sinter (1958)