Monday, December 10, 2018

Jota Fonseca - Côco Da Roseira (1962) from Sucessos Dos Maiores Cantores Nordestinos - Premier (1973)

Côco Da Roseira is another epic 78rpm saved from extinction by one of a handful of compilations from the 1960s and early 1970s. Jota Fonseca was amazing and straddled the line between the end of the 78rpm and final acceptance of vinyl as primary format for music. 1962 is fairly late for a new 78rpm release in any territory. 

Sucessos Dos Maiores Cantores Nordestinos - Premier (1973)

Saturday, December 1, 2018

Francisco Barreto - Mina Palhoça (samba) from Oh! Meu Imenso Amor - Disco Lar (1970)

A chattery vintage samba is nice way to start December. Although this is not forró, it is easy to hear how subtle the difference was between the genres could be. This was especially true for Jackson Do Pandeiro, who was a master at both styles. Mina Palhoça stands up and fits in with many of the tunes uploaded to this blog.

Francisco Barreto - Oh! Meu Imenso Amor - Disco Lar (1970)

Thursday, November 22, 2018

Carlos Diniz - Côco Do Tibiribe (1963) from Nordeste Cabra Da Peste - Mocambo (1968)

Carlos Diniz's short career seems to be confined to the 1960s. The Dicionário Cravo Albin Da Musica Popular Brazileira lists his first release as a 78rpm on Chantecler in 1960 followed by 5 more on Mocambo over the next four years. Many of these appeared on the Mocambo coletânea LP series called Viva São João, but the 1963 release Côco Do Tibiribe, is on a one-off Mocambo LP called Nordeste Cabra Da PesteCôco Do Tibiribe is a joyful slice of northeastern côco that seems strikingly similar to Jacinto Silva's 1965 CBS classic Puxa o Fole Zé from Ritmo Explosivo.

Nordeste Cabra Da Peste - Mocambo (1968)

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Abdias - Fiz Pra Você from Segura O Pé De Bode - CBS (1967)

Thanks to his status as forró boss and A&R man at CBS, Abdias' Segura O Pé De Bode LP is one of at least 17 LPs Abdias recorded for CBS between 1965 and 1977. This does not include releases for labels before and after this period. His catalog is formidable. Although excellent, many of his albums a purely instrumental. Fiz Pra Você is a lively number featuring bandolim. I believe this group backed many of the forró recording stars that came to CBS studios, although Jackson do Pandeiro chose to keep his own musicians after one session. 

Abdias - Segura O Pé De Bode - CBS (1967)

Friday, November 2, 2018

Zacarias - É Crime Não Saber Ler from Sucessos Dos Maiores Cantores Nordestinos - Premier (1973) (originally 78rpm 1961)

It was a challenge to find information related to the original release of É Crime Não Saber Ler by Zacarias, although there is a mention of the tune on Dicionário Carvo Albin Da Musica Popular Brasileira stating that it was released in 1961 and penned by Zacarias himself. However, this discografia mixes two completely different Zacarias artists. The forró Zacarias is not the same person as Zaccarias the guitarist.

Sucessos Dos Maiores Cantores Nordestinos is a compilation of out of print 78 rpm singles from a variety of late 50s and early 60s northeastern heavy hitters. This LP compilation came out in 1973. Like Carlos Galindo, Zacarias was another artist with no retrospective LP or CD collection of his original work from his 78 rpm period. He only appears on two compilation LPs.

Sucessos Dos Maiores Cantores Nordestinos - Premier (1973)

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Gerson Filho apresenta Clemilda - Maria Ô Ô - RCA (1967)

Clemilda may be the second most prolific forró star next to Marinés. Like Marinés, who was married to Abdias, Clemilda was linked to Gerson Filho. They recorded a number albums together, beginning with this one in 1967. In 1968, RCA issued Clemilda's first solo album. Maria Ô Ô, from her first appearance on vinyl with Gerson Filho, is a great little pop song with a vocal train sound featured in the chorus. It is unfortunate that forró was trapped in Brazil, because we have not only missed out on great music, but great pop music. 

Gerson Filho apresenta Clemilda - RCA (1967)

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Hélio Lacerda - São Jorge from Arrasta-Pé Em Caruaru - Mocambo (1960s)

Mocambo released amazing singles in the 1950s through the 1950s. Arrasta-Pé Em Caruaru is packed with good songs, including São Jorge from Hélio Lacerda and Só Gosto De Um Amor Só by Nerize Paiva, featured here in March of 2018. Although these songs were also released on vinyl as 33 1/3 speed 7" compacto singles, pressings were usually small and these might be impossibly rare if it wasn't for compilations like this one. 

Compilations like Pau De Sebo, started in 1968 by CBS, contained original material. It is possible that they wanted to offer a sampling of contemporary artists or didn't have a back catalog of forró to complete with other labels. Fontana released compilations with old and new material. Mocambo and Rozenblit consistently used material from their considerable back catalog. We are fortunate that they did. These are essential historical documents, especially when they featured 78rpm singles. Arrasta-Pé Em Caruaru is a strong LP, thanks to the number of strong songs. 

 Arrasta-Pé Em Caruaru - Mocambo (1960s)