Sunday, June 10, 2018

Luiz Vieira - Meus Canarin (baião) from Retalhos Do Nordeste - Copacabana (1958)

Like Luiz Wanderley, Vieira has a fantastic and interesting voice. Retalhos Do Nordeste, one of the great LPs during the second wave of forró, has been reissued on vinyl and much of Luiz Vieira's work has been anthologized on LPs and CDs. One of the reasons that I started collecting forró vinyl was because of the paltry amount of reissues on CD. I don't particularly like vinyl. it's fragile, noisy and most forró vinyl was abused or badly pressed. Collecting the genre is frustrating. Viera is one of the few artists during the 1985-2005 big reissue period who had a few remasters here and there, but his classic albums did not get reissued completely on CD, so yet again, I am stuck with the vinyl. 

Luiz Vieira - Retalhos Do Nordeste - Copacabana (1958)

Friday, June 1, 2018

Luiz Gonzaga - Forró do Zé Buchudo from Aquilo Bom - RCA (1972)

Thanks to his official website, Luiz Gonzaga's catalog was the first one that I explored when I started my forró adventures. Little did I know how vast the world of forró really was. Because I had a heavy Gonzaga phase, I don't return to his catalog as much as I should! Zé Buchudo is a track that I didn't play much back then and I've grown to love. It has a really neat descending backing vocal and a wonderful tuba bass line. Like Jackson do Pandeiro, some of Gonzaga's early 70s records rank amongst his best.

Luiz Gonzaga - Aquilo Bom - RCA (1972)

Friday, May 25, 2018

Luiz Wanderley - Bode Cheiroso (baião) from XO Forró II (1978) & Chantecler (1960)

Bode Cheiroso sounds more than a bit like Jackson do Pandeiro, but Luiz Wanderley always had a gift for taking forró / baião and making it cook. His catalog is one of the strongest of all of the 50s and 60s forró stars. Wanderley seemed to be an all-around entertainer in his time, with several vamped-up appearances in film available on YouTube. 

XO Forró II 2 (1978) 

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Sebastião do Rojão - Bola De Baiano Não É Côco from XO Forró II 2 Rosicier - (1978) & Show (1964)

Some of my YouTube videos for Sebastião do Rojão are the most popular ones on the channel. This is interesting and somewhat surprising. His music is excellent, but I don't know why he would be favored over some of the other major forró stars of his day. The XO Forró compilation LPs are handy, because they assemble great 78rpm singles and rare LP tracks that range from scarce to impossible to find.

XO Forró II (1978) LP - Rocicier

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Marinês - Saudades de Campina Grande from Aquarela Noredestina - Sinter (1959)

Aquarela Nordestina (Northeastern Watercolor) is one of the earliest releases from the long, blessed career of Marinês. Saudades de Campina Grande is a great song, with strong echoes of Luiz Gonzaga while also sounding unlike anything else at the time. There were female forró singers, but many seemed more middle class and polished. Marinês was the real deal. The track was written by Rosil Calvalcanti, who penned a string of still-beloved hits for nearly all of the great singers from the period, including Luiz Gonzaga, Jackson do Pandeiro and Genival Lacerda. 

Marinês - Aquarela Noredestina - Sinter (1959)

Friday, April 20, 2018

Perez Gonzaga - Toquem Meu Forró from Every Bode, Every Cabra - Caminhada (early 1980s)

Perez Gonzaga - Toquem Meu Forró from Every Bode, Every Cabra - Caminhada (early 1980s)

Although forró albums recorded after 1975 tend to be less rare than earlier LPs, age does not necessarily coincide with scarcity. Take Every Bode, Every Cabra by Perez Gonzaga. The album came out at some point in the 1980s but was released on a tiny label called Caminhada. For some reason, this record does not turn up often for sale, even in Brazil. What makes the album magical and appealing is the featured use of guitar over traditional forró instrumentation. Although the traditional rhythm section is there, Gonzaga's guitar is in the fore. One little change in instrumentation can make an artist stand out. The production is also gorgeous. 

Perez Gonzaga - Every Bode, Every Cabra - Caminhada (early 1980s)

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Nino e seu Trio Paranoá - Mariazinha from Foguete Baiãno - Chantecler (1968)

Compared to the glory days in the mid-1970s, the number of forró LPs from the early to mid-1960s was more sparse. Perhaps the pressings were smaller or the moment wasn't right, but gradually releases began to become more plentiful. Nino e seu Trio Paranoá's lone LP was released at the beginning of the boom. I don't know much about the artist. This appears to be Nino and his Trio's sole release, although it is possible that individual songs were released on the abundant compilations that began to appear at the end of the 1960s.

Nino e seu Trio Paranoá - Mariazinha from Foguete Baiãno - Chantecler (1968)