Thursday, June 22, 2017

Gordurinha - Chicletes Com Banana from 78rpm & Súplica Cearense LP - Continental (1959) Phonodisc (1987)

Chicletes Com Banana may be THE most famous song by Jackson do Pandeiro. The writing credit lists Almira Castilho, who was Jackson's wife. I do not believe that she was a songwriter, however. Jackson used Castilho as his pen name before they split up. The other writer listed is Gordurinha. His career was short and basically ended around the time of the Brazilian military coup in the early 1960s. Gordurinha's version is far less famous, but equally fantastic. Fortunately, the original 78rpm has been re-released on a number of compilations like the one below. While the LP is not rare, it is scarce outside of Brazil and well worth picking up.

Gordurinha - Súplica Cearense LP - Phonodisc (1987)

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Cajú e Castanha - Pensei Que Não Pensava from Sensação Estranha - Copacabana (1982)

Embolada, or street rap, pre-dates baião and forró as an art form in Brazil. Typically, two performers with pandeiros stake out a spot to busk on the street. They trade humor and good-natured barbs towards each other and the crowd that has gathered around them. Recorded embolada can be acapella (with pandeiros) or with a full band, like Pensei Que Não Pensava. This album has both styles. Cajú e Castanha, who began as street performers when they were children, are one of the most successful duos to cross over into the recording studio. 

This particular LP, and the song featured here, encapsulates EVERYTHING that I hate about vinyl. The quality control at Copacabana for this album clearly wasn't great. They probably overused stampers and didn't check the test pressings. At any rate, I had to buy 3 perfect looking copies of Sensação Estranha before I got one that didn't skip on Pensei Que Não Pensava. Groan. 

Cajú e Castanha - Pensei Que Não Pensava from Sensação Estranha - Copacabana (1982) 

Cajú e Castanha - Sensação Estranha - Copacabana (1982) 

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Jackson do Pandeiro & Almira - Vem Amor from São João Alegre - Philips (1962)

Vem Amor is, yet again, proof of the genius of Jackson do Pandeiro. If you know forró, you know Jackson. If you don't, welcome to a world of joy. Jackson do Pandeiro and a crew of talented folks, including Philips rostermates and collectible artists João Mello and Moura Junior, appeared on this one-off Philips compilation called São João Alegre in 1962. It is every bit as rare as albums by any of the aforementioned artists. It also happens to include fantastic songs by Jackson and Moura Jr. that only appeared here. While artists in the US and Europe had a b-side or two, the Brazilians had a knack for tucking some of their most amazing songs on compilations and compactos. Folks on the cover are dressed for the harvest, or São João, festival. 

Jackson do Pandeiro & Almira - Vem Amor from São João Alegre - Philips (1962)

São João Alegre - Philips (1962)