Friday, November 20, 2015

Part One: Joci Batista - Festão (Festa Nordestina) & Os Cabeludos from Os Cabeludos compacto simples - Maraca (1960s) & Juazeiro Verde - AMC (1969)

Starting during the rock book of the mid-1950s, lots of acts from the US and the UK released indie singles that were either re-released or re-recorded by major labels. The re-recorded songs were fun, because one could hear the differences between a small, budget studio version vs. a fancy studio recording. This continued into the 1970s, during the new wave era in Britain and the US, due to initial lack of interest from major labels. I became aware of, and coveted releases by, several artists that released indie 45s that were later re-recorded for big labels. R.E.M. - Radio Free Europe, The B-52's - Rock Lobster, Devo - Jocko Homo (and a number of other songs) and the Pretenders - The Wait spring to mind, but there are numerous other examples. Back in the early 1990s, many of these were very expensive and hard to find. These days, thanks to eBay and shifting tastes, I have been lucky enough to find these singles.

Shifting to Brazil, I haven't found many examples of this in the forró genre. However, I managed to get an ultra-rare copy of Joci Batista's Os Cabeludos single on the Maraca label in the 1960s. Both sides were later recorded, for what I believe was, Batista's 1969 debut album, Juazeiro Verde. The Maraca versions definitely sound more indie and rough, but both recordings are interesting. I prefer Festão (Festa Nordestina), but I wanted to include both sides of the rare single for a/b comparison. Interesting stuff. 

Joci Batista - Festão (Festa Nordestina) from Juazeiro Verde - AMC (1969)

Joci Batista - Festão (Festa Nordestina) from Os Cabeludos compacto simples - Maraca (1960s)

Joci Batista - Os Cabeludos from Juazeiro Verde - AMC (1969)


Joci Batista - Os Cabeludos from Os Cabeludos compacto simples - Maraca (1960s)

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