Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Ciço Do Pará - Convite (Rojão) & Deusalina (Xote) from Stereo 6 - DEX (1976)

I've been posting a lot of silver and golden age forró, so it's the right time to return the 1970s, or the bronze age of forró, with Ciço Do Pará. Ciço has an extensive catalog of great releases. I've had this album sitting on the shelf for too long. 

Stereo 6 is one of several releases on DEX by Ciço Do Pará, which confusingly has the same cover as his 1977 LP. It looks like Ciço is posing with some dudes on the street that weren't even his band. The production and songs are excellent, even if the cover is another disaster for the genre.

 cooks and Deusalina is a xote, one of the subgenres of forró that I rarely feature. Most xotes are on the plodding side almost like a forró waltz, but Deusalina has a standout melody and production.

Ciço Do Pará - Deusalina (Xote) from Stereo 6 - DEX (1976)

Ciço Do Pará - Stereo 6 - DEX (1976)

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