Friday, May 10, 2013

Jackson do Pandeiro e Almira – O Balanço Vai from Coisas Nossas - Philips 1965

Jackson do Pandeiro e Almira – O Balanço Vai from Coisas Nossas - Philips 1965

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This week, I am featuring a ditty from Jackson do Pandeiro's short-lived samba period. Jackson mixed samba and a number of other Brazilian styles in his music throughout his career, but he did it in a big way in the mid-60s. Collectors in Brazil say that E Vamos Nós from 1964 and Coisas Nossas from 1965 are his rarest LPs. 

It's a mystery why these LPs are so rare. A collector friend speculated that Philips saw these releases as an experiment, because of the stylistic change from forró to samba, so fewer copies were pressed. It's also likely that Jackson's sales were in decline. He may have been was losing favor with Philips, because his next 2 LPs were released on Continental and Cantagalo before closing the decade and his time at Philips with Aqui Tô Eu. Before his comeback in 1972, Jackson do Pandeiro voiced frustrations about how apathetic radio and the public recently seemed to be towards his music.

As usual, Jackson's music was always glimmering despite personal and career issues. O Balanço Vai (Álvaro Castilho / Jackson do Pandeiro / Sebastião Martins) was one of many highlights from Coisas Nossas. The beautiful bass piano and the stall in the chorus are knockout.

Jackson & Almira with the band that would become Borborema

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