Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Camarão feat Risoleide Alves - Filha Do Norte from Na Toca Do Camarao - Itamaraty 1978

Camarão & Seu Acordeon (vocals by Risoleide Alves) – Filha Do Norte from Na Toca do Camarão - Itamaraty 1978

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Filha Do Norte (Camarão – Cabo França)
is a wonderfully strange and haunting song, reminiscent of spooky reverb-heavy North American girl group sounds from the 50s and 60s. Soft female vocals are atypical for forró, a genre dominated by powerful and commanding male and female singers. Because most forró artists played by the rules of the genre in terms of instrumentation and arrangement, it's refreshing to hear records like
Filha Do Norte, which deviate from the norm successfully. Mestre Camarão (camarão means shrimp) had a long career and is still recording and performing, but Risoleide Alves, the guest vocalist on Na Toca do Camarão, is a mystery. I have been unable to find evidence of a recording career beyond this LP. Perhaps, like her ghostly vocals, she drifted magically into the night after her Camarão sessions.

a recent photo of Mestre Camarão

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