Monday, January 14, 2013

Jackson do Pandeiro - Aquilo Bom acústico (1977) & Um A Um ao vivo com Dominguinhos (1975)

I swiped 2 bonus treats lodged in a short Jackson do Pandeiro documentary on YouTube (thank you Arquivo N).  Most of the documentary featured common footage of Jackson from his 1972 MPB Special. 2 short color performances were stunning and seemed to capture Jackson at his magical best.

 Click on the video above to hear the song.
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This 1977 clip is probably my all-time favorite Jackson video.  It’s only 30 seconds, but showcased Jackson’s skill on the acoustic guitar. The song, Aquilo Bom, was from Jackson’s 1961 album Ritmo, Melodia e a Personalidade de. This video incorrectly credits Luiz Gonzaga's & Severino Ramos' Aquilo Bom. This Aquilo Bom was written by Jackson with José Batista. The original version was fully produced and sounded very different from the version that you hear in the video. I had never seen Jackson play guitar before. Sadly, it’s doubtful that he was extensively filmed performing acoustic versions of his songs like he was in this clip, which is a shame, because you see how masterful the king of rhythm really was.

 Click on the video above to hear the song.
iOS? click here: http://youtu.be/vnnmGzUWDRU

The second clip, Um a Um, is from a glitzy 1975 variety show. This song was originally a hit for Jackson do Pandeiro in 1951. Most film clips that I’ve seen from Jackson fail to match the power of his records, but this one had the energy. Dominguinhos, a brilliant songwriter, accordionist and star in his own right, seemed to be having a ball in the background. Notice that Jackson was holding his pandeiro instead of playing it.  I believe that he was unable to play since his car accident in the late 60s. Since then, pandeiro duty was covered by Cícero from Jackson’s band, Borborema.  I believe that you can see Cícero lurking in the shadows.

Jackson do Pandeiro with acoustic guitar playing Aquilo Bom

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