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Abdias dos Oito Baixos - Falsa Baiana - from Revivendo Sucessos - CBS 1973

Abdias dos Oito Baixos - Falsa Baiana– from Revivendo Sucessos - CBS 1973

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Grab a glass of wine and have a seat on the lounge. Abdias (José Abdias de Farias) has been name dropped a lot in my blog.  He was the husband and bandmate of successful singer Marinês, the director of A&R for northeastern Brazilian stars at CBS from the late 60s until the mid 70s and billed himself as Abdias dos Oito Baixos, meaning Abdias of the 8 Button Accordion.  Abdias connected some of the best talent of the day with the best recording studios in Brazil.  

A benefit of being the artistic director must have been the ability to record and release albums for CBS, because Abdias released 20 albums between 1966 and 1981... along with singles. Abdias released more records than any other northeastern artist at the time.  

Initially, his LPs were mainly instrumental but he gradually began to sing and added guest vocalists from the CBS stable, which made for a much more interesting listening experience. Generally, Abdias’ albums were mellow.  You’d rarely hear a frantic forró or wild coco song from Abdias until the belated, exceptional barn busting 1975 LP Botão Variado, which I will feature later this year on forró LP gringo.  Most of the time, if you wanted something nice to have on in the background while you enjoyed dinner, Abdias was your man.  So, sit back and prepare to say “terrific” a lot. It’s Abdias.
Falsa Baiana
(Geraldo Pereira) is a lovely little number that mixed soft samba and choro with the northeastern Brazilian flavor.  It reminds me of some of the more mellow tunes from Jackson do Pandeiro’s O Dono Do Forró. 

Abdias dos Oito Baixos & CBS direção artística

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