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Genival Lacerda - Cantarolando - from Mungangueiro Aloprado - Fontana 1971

Genival Lacerda - Cantarolando - from Mungangueiro Aloprado - Fontana 1971

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Ary Lobo was 50... died in 1980.   
Abdias was 57... died in 1991.
Jackson do Pandeiro was 62... died in 1982.
Jacinto Silva was 66... died in 2001.
Elino Julião was 69.... died in 2006.
Marinês was 71... died in 2007.  
Luiz Gonzaga lived to the ripe old age of 76... died in 1989.  

It’s shocking that so many of these brilliant characters are long gone.  Their music is so fresh, vital and alive.  In fact, it’s hard to find a single forró star that had a substantial career before 1980 that hasn’t gone on to the big zabumba in the sky. There is, however, a silver lining to this dark cloud, Forró LP Gringos.  

Genival Lacerda
is alive and well!  He is one of the few survivors from the first 3 waves of forró, which lasted from 1940 to 1980.  At 81, Genival Lacerda still performs today and makes television appearances.  Stylistically, Lacerda has changed quite a bit through the years.  Although he always injected humor into his lyrics, he found his niche in 1975 with his hit Severina Xique-Xique.  After that record, he became the king of kinky double entendre forró. The later records may be funnier, but the early records have the musical power.  Perhaps laughter is a Genival’s miracle tonic?

Genival Lacerda is an unashamed disciple of Jackson do Pandeiro, which was stated proudly on the back of 1971’s Mungangueiro Aloprado (English: Nutty Monkeyman?) LP cover.  It’s a killer album.  It’s a monophonic tour de force.  Mungangueiro Aloprado is full of manic energy, maniacal laughter and wild phrasing.  Like other forró artists on Philips, Fontana, Cantagalo, Tropicana or CBS in the 60s or 70s, the part of Genival Lacerda’s back catalog that has been reissued has been relegated to a few meager slapdash compilation CDs.  There is one excellent compilation of his early work called Popularidade, but the artwork is crummy and the liner notes are zilch.  Nothing before 1980 by Genival Lacerda has ever been properly and respectfully reissued on CD with original artwork.  Genival’s early records are tough to find in excellent condition.

Cantarolando (Genival Lacerda – José Pereira), literally means humming in English... but knowing Genival, he is talking about something else entirely...

Genival Lacerda back in the day... image from: http://www.forroemvinil.com/tag/genival-lacerda

Genival Lacerda today....

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