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Ary Lobo – Renda-dá - from Último Pau De Arara - RCA Victor 1958

Ary Lobo – Renda-dá - from Último Pau De Arara - RCA Victor 1958

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Ary Lobo was one of the earliest forró stars to rise in the wake of Jackson do Pandeiro’s success. Ary left an excellent legacy, but had the shortest life of any of the major forró stars, dying at age 50 in 1980.  Lobo’s records have aged extremely well. Although he was inspired by the sound of Jackson, Ary Lobo definitely had his own style with quality albums and songwriting that rivaled Luiz Gonzaga’s and Jackson’s.  

Ary Lobo was one of a few forró greats lucky enough to have been on RCA.  Why? 5 of Ary Lobo’s rare classic albums were remastered and reissued on CD faithfully with original artwork, but unfortunately, Último Pau De Arara was not part of the RCA CD reissue series.  For that reason, this may be one of the rarer forró slabs that I own.  

Último Pau De Arara was originally released on 10” vinyl and only contained 8 songs.  It lived in that strange late 50’s netherworld between EP and album, before the format finally left the 10 inch 78 rpm size.  Perhaps the master tapes were lost or they simply didn’t have enough extra material outside of those 8 songs to create a suitable release?

Renda-dá (English: Surrender?)(Gadé – Walfrido Silva) is a fantastic song.  It’s shocking that it was recorded in 1958. It sounded 15 years ahead of it’s time.  The entire 8 song album did.

Ary Lobo

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