Monday, July 10, 2017

Rossini Pinto - Viver Sem Ninguém from compacto - CBS (1971)

I love hearing slick post-1960s orchestral forró and baião tracks. While string arrangements on baião tunes like this were common in the 1950s from artists like Ivon Curi and Stellinha Egg, the form was limited to mainly traditional instruments by the 1970s. The only styles to gain a little ground were carimbo, funk and disco. Alas, forró in the 70s was pretty much the same as forró today. I am not saying that it is necessarily negative, because many of my favorite recordings come from the early 1970s. However, t was rarely experimental. Gilberto Gil recorded some fairly radical versions of forró around this time. The closest cousin to Viver Sem Ninguém is Forró Em Caruaru by Djalma Pires recorded the same year. Both Pires and Pinto were outsiders in the genre. As far as I can tell, Pinto was marketed as a teen pop star in the 1960s. He never became a cangaceiro suited forró bandit, with the exception of this one unusual record.

Rossini PInto - Viver Sem Ninguém from compacto - CBS (1971)

Rossini PInto - Viver Sem Ninguém from compacto - CBS (1971)

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