Thursday, June 22, 2017

Gordurinha - Chicletes Com Banana from 78rpm & Súplica Cearense LP - Continental (1959) Phonodisc (1987)

Chicletes Com Banana may be THE most famous song by Jackson do Pandeiro. The writing credit lists Almira Castilho, who was Jackson's wife. I do not believe that she was a songwriter, however. Jackson used Castilho as his pen name before they split up. The other writer listed is Gordurinha. His career was short and basically ended around the time of the Brazilian military coup in the early 1960s. Gordurinha's version is far less famous, but equally fantastic. Fortunately, the original 78rpm has been re-released on a number of compilations like the one below. While the LP is not rare, it is scarce outside of Brazil and well worth picking up.

Gordurinha - Súplica Cearense LP - Phonodisc (1987)

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