Monday, May 1, 2017

Carmelita - Cuidado Menina & Forró De Pé De Serra from Recordação - Cantagalo (1969)

Ah, the wonderful Carmelita (not to be confused with the also wonderful Carmélita Alves). Her recording career was seemingly short-lived, with this single LP and several appearances on Cantagalo compilations. Her legacy, though, is gold. Recordação is a gorgeous LP with a slew of excellent tracks. My personal favorite, which may also be one of my favorite tracks of all time in the genre, is Cuidado Menina written by Durval Vieira. The track has a graceful elegance and phrasing which is similar to Pedro Cem by Sacy (my previous post). Some artists in the late 60s got a fairly shaky deal in terms of production. In this case, the man behind the desk was Pedro Sertanejo who lent his "Dr Art = Direção Artística" production skills to some of the best albums of the 60s and 70s. Having Pedro behind the board was a lucky break for virtually every artist that worked with him.

Carmelita - Cuidado Menina from Recordação - Cantagalo (1969)

Carmelita - Forró De Pé De Serra from Recordação - Cantagalo (1969)

Carmelita - Recordação - Cantagalo (1969)

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