Saturday, March 25, 2017

Gordurinha - Rio, Nossa Amizade from compacto - Copacabana (1960s)

It has been too long since I revisited Gordurinha. His recording output only spanned about 5 years and ended in 1963. In that short time, he released a fair number of singles and LPs. By 1969, Gordurinha had passed on from a heart attack brought on by an overdose. Like Borrachinha, Luiz Wanderley, Jackson do Pandeiro and Genival Lacerda, Gordurinha combined humor with distinctive northeastern melodies. He became a celebrated writer and performer during his short recording life.

The song featured here is one of his rarest. Rio, Nossa Amizade was never released in any other format other than compacto. It was never reissued. It is likely that this was one of his final recordings. 78rpm records were still being released in Brazil in 1963, but compactos and LPs were beginning to take over as the preferred format. 

Gordurinha - Rio, Nossa Amizade from compacto - Copacabana (1960s)

Gordurinha - Rio, Nossa Amizade compacto - Copacabana (1960s)

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