Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Ary Lobo - Atchim (rojão) from Nossos Ritmos & 78rpm - RCA (1955)

During the 1950s, bits of baião, forró and in the case of Ary Lobo and Jackson Do Pandeiro, a bit of côco and rojão, left Brazil and landed in record stores in the wider world. Nossos Ritmos, also alternatively packaged with the same songs, was an interesting snapshot of Brazilian music in 1955. Ary Lobo sounds futuristic compared to the other artists on the 10". Atchim is loose and soulful. The other acts seem formal by comparison. Incidentally, Atchim would have been one of Lobo's rarest songs, because it was only available on 78 rpm in Brazil prior to this 10". Although the 10" is not common, it can be purchased outside of Brazil much more easily than Philips and CBS releases from the 1960s and 1970s. 

Ary Lobo - Atchim (rojão) from Nossos Ritmos & 78rpm - RCA (1955)

Nossos Ritmos - RCA Victor (1955)

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