Saturday, September 19, 2015

Moura Junior - selections from OOOOOXÊNTE! - Philips (1962)

OOOOOXÊNTE!, by Moura Junior (also spelled Jr.) is a classic. It's a class act, from the cover, to the production to the LP pressing. This album is a true gem. The bass response is particularly fantastic. Some acts in the late 1950s and 1960s used double bass, which thunders through the vinyl and sounds mind-blowing. OOOOOXÊNTE! is one of 2 LPs that Moura Jr. recorded for Philips. 

Moura Junior's second LP was called Embolabalanço. It was more understated than OOOOOXÊNTE!, with orchestration and slower numbers. This seemed to be a trend at the time. Jackson Do Pandeiro and Ary Lobo also recorded albums in the mid-60s that were jazzier, with more horns and samba numbers. The two albums are both great and very different. Almost shockingly so.

Around the time OOOOOXÊNTE! was recorded, Moura Jr. also had stellar tracks on a compilation with Jackson Do Pandeiro and others called São João Alegre. What Moura Jr. did after his short stint on Philips is a mystery. 

Moura Junior had a thing for the name Maria, which pops on the album over and over. Many rock acts claim to have invented the concept album, but they were being recorded in Brazil as far back as 1958 with Gilvan Chaves' Encantos Do Nordeste. 

At any rate, the songs on this album are great, with a lot going for it. A total classic. Like many 60s Philips LPs from Brazil, particularly for forró artists, tracking down copies may take a while.

Moura Junior - Os Olhos Da Cabocla from OOOOOXÊNTE! - Philips (1962)

Moura Junior - Mariazinha from OOOOOXÊNTE! - Philips (1962)

Moura Junior - Eu Sou De Menor from OOOOOXÊNTE! - Philips (1962)

Moura Junior - Espera Maria from OOOOOXÊNTE! - Philips (1962)

Moura Junior - Colo De Maria from OOOOOXÊNTE! - Philips (1962)

Moura Junior - OOOOOXÊNTE! - Philips (1962)

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