Friday, August 1, 2014

Elino Julião & Jacinto Silva - Coração Descontrolado from Desafio - CBS (1972)

Elino Julião & Jacinto Silva - Coração Descontrolado from Desafio - CBS (1972)

When I first discovered forró, I mined the catalog of Luiz Gonzaga looking for gems, which were numerous. After Gonzaga, I wasn't sure who the major players were. Fortunately, a vast number of LPs were available on forroemvinil to preview. I particularly enjoyed Jackson do Pandeiro's early 70s work on CBS, so I sought other artists that recorded for the label. I came to learn that Abdias, head of A&R at CBS, had poached the lions-share of forró royalty from labels like Fontana, Cantagalo, Philips, Maraca, Sertanejo and Mocambo. The mid 1960s through mid 1970s were a wonderful time at CBS. Every record usually had at least one great track. The songs were beautifully recorded and mixed in stereo. Desafio, meaning challenge, was a dual album. Full LPs featuring two or three artists seemed to be in vogue in the late 60s and early 70s, particularly on Fontana and CBS. Half of the songs on Desafio featured vocals by Silva and the other half were by Julião. Coração Descontrolado is an Elino Julião vocal number. When they shared an LP cover, these characters often seemed to be playing pool, cards, chatting up the lassies or getting into brawls. Manly stuff.

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Elino Julião & Jacinto Silva - Desafio - polyester & pool

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