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Part One: Genival Lacerda - Côco da Cajarana from Tomaram Meu Amor - Mocambo 78rpm (1962) Rozenblit Passarela (1973)

Part One: Genival Lacerda - Côco da Cajarana from Tomaram Meu Amor - Mocambo 78rpm (1962) Rozenblit Passarela (1973) 

My introduction to forró was David Byrne's Luaka Bop CD. Because I loved O Fole Roncou, I tried to absorb everything that I could by Luiz Gonzaga. Since Jackson do Pandeiro was given near equal reverence (their statues share a square in Campina Grande), in the way that Chuck Berry is given a status that is close to Elvis's, it was clear that Jackson's work was the next stop on my journey into forró. After Jackson, there were hundreds of paths that lead to other great forró artists: Ary Lobo, Marinês, Gordurinha... many of the people who appear in this blog, One of my favorites is Genival Lacerda.

Using my early rock n' roll analogy, I would compare Genival Lacerda to Little Richard. This is incredibly imprecise, but there are some parallels. While Gonzaga is stately & somewhat reserved and Jackson's music is delivered with mesmerizing rhythm & sophisticated cool, Genival Lacerda's records are wild, enthusiastic, funny, fast and frantic, like a forró freight train.

Tomaram Meu Amor is an incredibly rare, but very important, compilation of Lacerda's pre-1963 work, when his releases were 78rpm only. The quality of the recordings vary greatly. It seems likely that transfers came directly from the 78's and not the masters. Recordings from the later years generally sound great. Considering how rare his 78's are now, nearly 50 years after they came out and 40 years after this LP was released, we are lucky that this LP exists. Côco da Cajarana is an awesome song. It was originally released in 1962 on the Mocambo label.

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Genival Lacerda - Tomaram Meu Amor - Rozenblit Passarela (1973) 

Mocambo - Brazilian indie label - An early home to forró artists like Genival Lacerda, Jacinto Silva & Camarão, 

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