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Jackson do Pandeiro - Auê Birimbáu - É Sucesso - Cantagalo/Tropicana 1976 (or perhaps mid-1960's)

Jackson do Pandeiro - Auê Birimbáu - É Sucesso - Cantagalo/Tropicana reissue 1976 (likely first released mid-1960's)

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Aue Birimbáu (Aires viana – Nilo dias – Alvaro Sobrinho) is a strangely wistful, magical, sentimental-sounding song from Jackson do Pandeiro. The music suggests that the song is from an earlier part of his career. Also, the title of the album, É Sucesso, erroneously implies that this is a compilation. Neither is true. According to most discographies, this LP came out in 1976. It seems hard to believe, especially because the photos on the back feature albums by Cantagalo artists from the mid-to-late 1960's.

My guess is that É Sucesso was reissued in the 70s on Tropicana, which is why it is less expensive and easier to find in excellent condition than most of Jackson's LPs.

A birimbáu (also spelled berimbau) is a single stringed instrument of African origin. It is used in the martial art capoeira and is the subject of songs from a variety of Brazilian artists, although I do not believe the sound of the birimbáu instrument can be heard on this record.

A later Jackson do Pandeiro live picture from Projecto Pixinguinha.

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