Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Osvaldo Oliveira - Vendedor De Renda & Saudade do Ceará from Ê Cariri - CBS 1965

Osvaldo Oliveira - Vendedor De Renda from Ê Cariri - CBS 1965

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Osvaldo Oliveira - Saudade do Ceará  from Ê Cariri - CBS 1965

 Click on the video above to play the song.
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According to forroemvinil, Osvaldo Oliveira began his recording career in the late 50s on radio shows and began recording slabs of 78rpm shellac shortly after. Outside of forroemvinil, there is very little biographical information about Mr. Oliveira online, which is strange considering that he had a substantial and interesting recording career, with at least 50 releases. Osvaldo Oliveira tore it up in the 60s, writing songs for himself and other artists like Jackson do Pandeiro.  Ê Cariri, along with Osvaldo's 2 other 60s LPs are rare and sought after forró albums. Stylistically, Vendedor De Renda and Saudade do Ceará are great examples of Osvaldo's tongue-twisting, coco de embolada phrasing.  As the 70s dawned, Oliveira generally left the forró style and became more of a balladeer. MP3s from vinyl sources are OK, but hopefully file quality will improve in the coming years. In an era when CD reissues are becoming more scarce, I am afraid that many recordings from artists like Oliveira will continue to sit in vaults and deteriorate until the original masters are not salvageable. Like many artists from the golden age of forró, Osvaldo Oliveira's music deserves to be preserved in the highest quality possible and heard by new generations of enthusiasts.

Osvaldo Oliveira today
photo by DJ FELIPE

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